Sunday, January 31, 2016

Noah Scott by Gordon Nebeker

'Originally, modeling was kind of something I wanted to try just to try. As I started doing it more I realized how much I enjoyed doing it and I want to try to pursue some kind of career out of it.'

'My goal is to make sure to get to the gym more and eat a lot healthier and try and get into other types of modeling, especially runway modeling. Fashion is something I've always enjoyed and it's definitely more enjoyable than what I'm studying in school currently.'

'Even though I love fashion and being in the city, I was raised on the farm doing farm chores and going to hunting camp with my dad and uncles every hunting season. I grew up country, but I never truly enjoyed that style of living. I didn't like doing barn chores, playing in the mud and I absolutely hated going to hunting camp. It did teach me a lot though like how to never take anything for granted and also taught me how to be a harder worker when times get tough.'

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