Saturday, April 22, 2017

Tim by Mike Tossy & Studio MG Photography

Tim by Mike Tossy

Three photographers, Tim, and one productive day of shooting!

Next two shots: Mike shooting Desi (Zedneram) shooting Tim

Tim by Studio MG Photography

Mike shooting Mark, shooting Tim

Last three shots from Studio MG Photography

Saturday, April 15, 2017

SomeBunny Loves you!

'While spending way too much time in the wine country, we stumbled upon a vintage bunny head. This is first in a series that chronicles our endless summer up north.'

Finding great Easter themed images can be difficult. I can usually find tons of Halloween and Christmas themed images, but with Easter, not so much. Except for Frisky Frolic, there are few photographers who choose the holiday as a theme. It might be the deeply religious aspect of the day, (a photographer suggested a 'he has risen' theme) which doesn't lend itself quite so much to naked fun themes. I remembered a sexy bunny though, just took me awhile to remember where I found him. I quickly connected the bunny to Ryan Edward Scott, but it took me awhile to remember Ryan's shots of Daniel were from Ryan's old San Francisco Public Nudity site.  Enjoy, and Happy Easter!