Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Rolling Out The Red Carpet

Image by MStyles
Blondes are noticed, but Redheads are never forgotten!
Seeing Red and Tim
I have written in dozens of posts over the last 10 years about my love of gingers. I wrote about the red haired models I love, the red haired actors and singers. I wrote about my childhood ginger crush and how beautifully gingers photograph. The visual contrast between hair and skin, especially with great lighting, can create unique and dynamic imagery. The images, models and artists shown here are just a small sampling of the models and photographers and the many shades of red, orange, russet and auburn haired models they have captured.

Red Hot
Aaron Lee Smith
Brandon by Peter Rowen
Exhibiting Bad Behaviour
Kennedy by Ryan Scott
Big Top by Dusti Cunningham
Sean by Marlen Boro
Russet by Tom Silk
Ricky Schroeder
Red by T W D Photos
Jon by YogaBear Studios