Wednesday, November 18, 2015

On: Qamar by YogaBear Studio

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'Gradually I’ve developed a hybrid of all styles that I’m hoping to channel into my own a unique martial arts system. Although I’m not a competitive fighter, MMA specialist, etc., I do see myself as a true martial artist in the most conceptual of senses. Martial arts tends to be difficult for us because we comprehend the “martial” aspect, but the “art” aspect is about the intangible qualities.'

'We can study another’s system for a hundred years, but we’re still only being a poor imitation of an original. True art is taking the formal elements of those things outside of us, internalizing them and recreating them anew in a different format and naming it after ourselves. On my Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., my process is visible. My martial art is Gekkyodou and the underlying philosophy is Qamarism. But then again, it’s my personal methodology and to each, his own--lest they choose to try to copy another'

'Although my modeling/ performance portfolio has considerably broadened since my undergraduate study abroad at Osaka University of Arts, my initial artistic background was visual. I operate a little studio in downtown San Diego called in the Broker’s Building Gallery. My photographic approach so far is investigative somewhat like Annie Liebovitz’s early work or like Noboyuki Arai. I like the raw, social anthropology feeling--the opportunity to establish real intimacy.'
'I very much like the flirtation and sexual expression that the modern arts have always captured. My first drawings of comics were a sexual outlet in a family environment that largely focused on properness. As I got older and after I was 18 I finally started to see a non-religious spiritual connections between my art and sexuality. I started to realize the connections in Buddhist theology in acknowledging that existence is a mode on sensualism rooted in the impermanence of physical manifestation. I could make the connection in Christian theology in the pursuit of finding salvation through God’s love and realizing unyielding forgiveness.'
' I was able to see it in Judaism and its constant search for justice; I could see it in Islam and the themes of divine submission. These days I’ve concluded that most people have sabotaged their sexual and creative lives by getting stuck in mutually exclusive thinking and a contract mentality. The truth is we all need love and love is non-exclusive. And furthermore art is the appreciation of beauty as we are bestowed it by nature. Appreciating our sensual nature is love and for me that’s art and therefore divine. I don't personally support the belief in a 100% time orientation because beauty is universal.'

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