Tuesday, June 21, 2016

On Board: Kent Clark by takeapic4u

I always offer a free class for the models once they are nude...it is an icebreaker and kinda funny, but necessary to get the model on board for greatness. I call the class "Penis 101 for nude male models" and it includes the honest statement that what I photograph has nothing to do with your "junk"....HOWEVER, if your buddy is shriveled and hiding or not on board for photos, it will seriously detract from the end result.'

'I suggest models "pull it, smack it, rub it or give it a tug to get some blood flow and have him look his best". Erections are super rare and usually the opposite is more reality of the situation. The intro usually gets a laugh, but inspires and I turn my back for the work to begin. Some guys aren't shy and grab hold and get there in no time...for some it takes longer and they need some privacy from me....Ultimately, the goal is normally achieved and shooting can begin.'

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