Friday, September 30, 2016

World Naked Bike Ride: Brighton 2016 Edition

What's not to love?   Great body, sexy face and mouth and a beautifully rounded butt.  He also seems totally uninhibited standing around completely naked which only adds to his appeal.

A couple of shots pre-body paint

Cooling down, and posing with fans after the ride.


  1. His cock is small, but he is a very nice boy.
    I would like to meet him.

  2. You can not judge his penis size when flacid, besides a guy can have a huge cock but if he's a dick personality wise he's a loser and if he is more modestly endowed but is a kind loving person then he is the winner. There are too few truly good men in the world and I for one would rather have a good man with a small penis then a fucktard with a donkey dick any day.