Thursday, December 8, 2016

Petite Mort: Michael MM by Robert Colgan

'I've always done my best work when I've worked only for pleasure, When i've not been paid, when I've had a completely free hand, when I've had a model who excited me in one way or another.'
Geroge Platt Lynes: The Male Nudes

'I've not been one to base my images on muscle or penis size, but on the delivery of a narrative. My interactions with Michael from Mayhem has been one of an unrestricted nature. He has no problem expressing his sexuality and that can be rather exciting in a visual context.'

'During one of our shoots, I described a series that George Platt Lynes shot many years ago called his "Petite Mort" series. This series featured a friend of Platt Lynes with closeup images of his face as he masturbated. It was included in his portrait category and unless you know the whole story, the images may seem strange for a portrait. Deep down, you do find the poses strikingly familiar. Michael found this thought interesting and wanted to try an updated here's my spin...'

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